In the Wilderness
  • spies come back from Canaan with pessimistic reports
  • people despair and rebel against Joshua and Caleb
  • as punishment for their lack of faith, the rebellious generation will not enter the Promised Land
  • Moses loses patience and shares the people's punishment
  • the title in English is Numbers because it contains a census of all the tribes of Israel
  • the book tells how Israel spent 40 years wandering through the wilderness between Egypt and the Promised Land because they failed to trust God
  • Caleb and Joshua were confident Israel could conquer the land; they had faith in God
  • Caleb and Joshua were the only ones who lived long enough to enter the Promised Land
  • Aaron told Moses that God would give them water from the rock, but Moses struck the rock out of anger instead of belief, so Moses and Aaron could never set foot in the Promised Land.