The Law


  • in Latin, "having to do with the Levites"
  • teaches Israel how to be holy people
  • the word "holiness" appears 87 times in this book
  • in Hebrew tradition was known as the Manual for priests
  • God gave instructions to Moses in the tabernacle
  • the book starts with people's relationship with God and instructions for sacrifices and consecration of priests
  • the book gives examples of how to be holy people
  • says what foods you are allowed to eat
  • includes instructions for offerings to make atonements for their sins
  • this manual of holiness was not enough to keep people faithful

Aaron's sons

  • Nadab and Abihu thought they could worship God in their own way and ignored God's laws. They offered God "unholy fire". The fire from the Lord's presence flared
up and burned them to death
  • The deaths of Aaron's sons showed how important it was to follow the rules precisely