The Institution of the Priesthood:

  • Moses recieved the Law from God and then is given very bad news.

  • God no longer referred to Irsrael as "my people" because the people decided they no longer wanted the Lord as their God.

  • Moses was offered to be the new Abraham because he was very unselfish. However, he pleaded God for Israel.

  • Moses returned from the mountain and found the people commiting horrible sins. Moses became furious and threw the Law of God on the ground, smashing them to bits. God said the people were commiting idolatry to the golden, but Moses wasn't prepared for all the other sins he saw.

  • The smashed tablets were a symbol of the broken covenant with Israel.

  • After an unsatifactory explaination from Aaron, Moses understood that the people were on the road to complete destruction.

  • The Levites killed the idolaters, which saved the nation of Israel.

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