• Aaron makes an idol for the people of Egypt to worship.
  • Just like the ones in Egypt, the golden calf was a fertility god.
  • Worshiping the golden calf resulted in innoral behavior and idolatry.
  • The Exodus was a Declaration that seperated the Israelites from the government that controlled them.
  • Moses was the leader of the Israelites and taught and led them to do the right things, but when Moses left the Israelites they went back to their old habits.
  • Aaron made a golden calf fromk the gold rings of the Israelites.
  • They all praised the calf and gave offerings to it.
  • They all indulged in all kinds of immoral practices.
  • They may have used a calf to represent Apis, an Egyptian fertility god.
  • aaron tried to savesome loyalty to God by saying that it represented Yahweh, but the Israelites worshipped the Egyptian god.
  • The people completely renounced the covenant they had just made with God.
  • They reverted back to their old Egyptian ways.

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