The Decalogue And The Natural Law


  • The Ten Commandments are also called the "Decalogue"
  • They outline and explain God's law and tell you how to love God and your neighbor
  • They bring man's religious and social life together
  • We understand that killing is wrong through reason also called the natural law

The Temple in Heaven and On Earth

  • Moses went up the mountain for a second time alone for 40 days and 40 nights
  • God showed Moses the pattern of the Tabernacle, it was a mirror of the heavenly temple
  • The centerpiece would be the Ark of the Covenant, which is God's throne on Earth
  • God showed Moses glimpses of heaven which would be represented in the tabernacle on Earth
  • This all created a way for God to be with his people in a truly unique way
  • However, the people gave up on waiting for Moses to come back down the mountain