Escape From Egypt

  • Pharoah realized what he was doing by letting the Israelites escape and he changed his mind.
  • Pharoah and his army went after them.
  • By the time the Egyptians caught up to them, they were at the Sea of Reeds (Red Sea).
  • With the Red Sea in front of them and the Egyptian army to their back in the distance, the Israelites turned towards Moses.
  • Moses then turned toward God.
  • God told moses to stretch his rod toward the sea.
  • Immediately, the sea parted and a wall of fire separated the Israelites and the Egyptians, so neither side could see each other.
  • The Israelites arched right through to escape.
  • The Egyptians tried to do the same but God told Moses to stretch out his rod again.
  • The waters then came crashing back over the Egyptians
  • The Israelites had defeated Egypt.