The Message to Pharaoh

God sent Moses to Egypt with both a message and a demand to be delivered to Pharaoh. This was the message: "Israel is my first-born son." In other words, Israel is the elder brother of all nations. This makes the other nations like Israel's younger siblings, and God's younger children. God will make Israel a model for righteousness and wisdom so that nations might learn how to walk in the ways of God.

The demand was both simple and reasonable: let the people of Israel go three days' journey into the desert to offer sacrifice to the Lord. It was made specific that Moses wasn't to demand their freedom or even ask Pharoah to be less hard on them. They just needed a few days for religious festival. However, there was an ominous threat that went with the demand: "if you refuse to let him [Israel] go, behold, I will slay your first-born son." Israel is going to be like a priest, he is called to be a royal priestly nation.

´╗┐Of course, God knew that Pharoah would not listen.Because he will not let the people go, God would bring judhement on the Egyptians. the first-born of Egypt would be killed, and Israel would be led out of slavery toward the Promised Land.

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