The Birth and Rescue of Moses
  • A new Egyptian king, or Pharaoh, enslaved the Israelites.
  • Pharaoh thought the Israelites were overpopulated and too powerful
  • The king used scare techniques to make Egyptians believe that Israelites were evil.
  • Pharaoh demanded that male, Israelite babies were to be killed.
  • That way, Israelite women would be forced to marry Egyptian men.
  • Then, there would be an inferior race.
  • But many midwives refused to cooperate.
  • Despite the odds, an Israelite woman concieved a child. His name was Moses
  • After birth, Moses was hidden to be saved from the Egyptians' execution.
  • When he could no longer be hidden, Moses' mother placed him in a basket and placed him on a river bank.
  • The name Moses means "from out of the water".